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freelance graphic design

In addition to design and layout of the many types of communications and documents featured in our portfolio, we have the capabilities to help you with the following:

touching up an existing document, ad or image

If you have something that was designed by someone else, can't get ahold of them, but need changes asap to reprint, we can update it & provide you with new print ready files.
(it's easiest if you can provide us with the print file used when printing previously, but we can recreate from a scanned image or the last printed version if necessary)

recreation of logos

Many people have drawings, scans or documents with their logos, but no spot color electronic file for printing on promotional items, envelopes, etc.. that require a vector file. We can take whatever you have & recreate your logo to be a completely vector spot color image ready to print wherever it's needed.

photo touch-ups | manipulation | color correction

It's so easy to shoot digital images, but perfect color and a professional look to your image may not always be there. Was the lighting off, the sky too dark, etc..? Email us your photos for a quick adjustment & the color/lighting & minor blemishes will be gone in no time.


If you're a design/printing company and are looking for help with design products, contact us about a quote for freelance design help on a short or long-term basis.


Home services freelance graphic design