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There's a lot that goes into making an idea a reality and que sera can help you through the process. Sharing ideas and things to think about during concept design, talking with potential manufacturers for specs, possibitities and details, making a digital prototype to show you what the finished product will look like prior to paying thousands of dollars for actual prototype production. We will work with you at every step to get your idea from thought to suppliers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

copyrights | barcodes | patents | TM | R

When introducing a new product to the market, certain steps need to be made to ensure you're 'legal'. We can work with you to ensure that all's done that's necessary to get your product from your mind to store shelves as quickly as possible.

It's impossible to list all the options for printing, production and manufacturing. To keep it simple, if you need it printed, produced, or delivered, give us a call. Chances are, we've done a project like yours, or we will research, get quotes, consult others & get your job done promptly and professionally.


In addition to your new product, many materials are associated with delivering it to market. We will build your new product and brand with supporting materials (pop displays, sales sheets, brochures, forms, packaging, advertisements, trade show exhibits, website...) to tell everyone about it & get it in the eyes of retailers, customers and the media best fit to spread the word.


If the products you produce are licensable, you will need a 'license book' to provide potential licensee's. We can provide you with the images, ideas, marks, brand information and more to make the process as easy for you and your potential licensees as possible.

que sera has experience with designing, printing and production of the following


business cards
(1 or 2 sided & folded)



pocket folders

newspaper inserts

catalogs, programs, booklets

promotional products

1 and 2-part business forms

plastic cards ( credit cards and key-tags )

trade show exhibits
(backdrops & manufactured custom exhibits)

trading cards

trading card packaging

point of purchase displays and packaging

collectible coins

cd labels (printed on)

custom tin containers & packaging


stickers and decals

custom notepads pens and pencils



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