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The pediatricians at Kids First (down near Dallas) have  had ‘announcements’ on their blog since we designed their site originally (about a year ago) for our Dallas Partner Astudio Productions, as a quick addition to their site, they asked that we add a similar function to their main site home page. As with all text content on their site – they can login to an ‘administrator section’ and edit (similar to editing a word document) their new announcement’s content themselves anytime they’d like.

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UGOGRL | a little bit of just about everything

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Layout and Design of Trading Card Box | Foil Pack | Stickers | Tattoos | Logo | UGOGRL

It was around 2005-06 when I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to become involved with hands down, the most full ranging (fun and challenging) campaigns I’ve been a part of to date.

As part of the UGOGRL project I was allowed to let my creativity ooze (innovation was rewarded at every step :)- so great to work with people wanting as many ideas and suggestions as possible throughout the process!

With the ‘girls’ of UGOGRL, I designed, developed, laid out for print & manufacture:

  • The layout and design of the trading card foil wrap for the new, wholesome ‘real girl’ activity collectible trading card set ( My first foil wrap!)
  • The POP Box (point of purchase box) –including girl-shaped head die cut – my first box – especially a box to hold product & sit on store shelves!
  • The 25 Stickers (the artwork for front & backs plus printsheets with die cuts) to be inserted in the packs (fronts & back)
  • The Temporary Tattoos (with a twist!) to also be inserted in the packs (fronts & backs) – with print sheets
  • The shipping case for the product to ship from the manufacturer (added branding to large standard cardboard box)
  • The cellophane wrap for each pop box (with corporate logo)
  • The Sales Sheet for the set (ad front, full set checklist back) – product info sheet (sales materials for reps/retailers)
  • The blister-pack for single-pack sales
  • The air freshener packaging for the co-branded gofresh! air fresheners (and prepress work for the fresheners themselves)
  • The flower-shaped tin co-branded with the ‘go primp’ category -designed- laid out artwork & prepared prepress files for proper printing on tin (lid too) -oh & product sticker placed on bottom of tin
  • The CD artwork for the CD included in the tin
  • The collectible coin imprint for the coin included in the tin
  • The Product Logo (UGOGRL- activity collectible trading cards)
  • The category logos ( go primp, go mingle, go collect, go create, go basic & go figure ) not including the shapes themselves – they were part of the original concepts from the producers of the product
  • The magazine advertising (Full page in Non-Sport Update & two 1/2 page ads  in Playthings)
  • 2 – 6″ x 9″ direct mail pieces promoting the product/brand
  • The Corporate (LocaSmarts) Identity (logo, business cards, letterhead & envelopes)
  • The Corporate e-commerce website ( – no longer active
  • The website (active, but no longer my site design) – an almost fully flash main content with html site – using php to tie it all together. Note: You can view the intro & video, however since the site’s no longer active, the links won’t work.
  • The flash games included on the website – fitting category & branded with UGOGRL trademarks
  • Many pdf printables available on (UGOGRL journal, checklists, activities… )
  • Numerous flash activities and applications (grl-radio, voting for favorite future series names, writing a note in secret code, product explanations, VIP Areas, etc..) included on
  • Flash intro and video on original UGOGRL site
  • A full trade show booth (for Pomona Toy Fair in 2006) where, since I was living in California- It made sense I’d help promote the product (life-size grls — too fun!)
  • An html email ad promoting the product as a great ‘stocking stuffer’
  • A collector’s binder & other concepts for co-branding such as jewelry, watches, bags & more..
  • A window decal and other point of purchase support materials

Probably more that has slipped my mind, but I’m sure – you get the point :) — other than the 150 cards (that 1 person could never have completed in the timeframe needed) — I was very much into most things UGOGRL… view full post for a gallery view of many of my  UGOGRL contributions…

It was a great project. Period.

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A new face for

Posted on April 5th, 2009 by Que Sera in news | Home PageIf you’re looking for Sports Talk, look no further than First Serves Radio Show with Steve Jarnicki Weekdays from 3-4pm on Fox Sports Radio WCWA 1230AM. Steve is unquestionably one of the most enthusiastic, outgoing & just fun to listen to people I’ve met & coming up with a new ‘brand’ for his show was truly a pleasure. I was trying to create a logo for the show as large as his personality & hopefully I did ok :) Whether your teams are in Toledo, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Detroit, Cleveland.. He’s delivers news, trivia, gets listener feedback, offers special discounts from his sponsors & more. I’m not specifically a sports fan, but have enjoyed the show every time I’ve listened (especially when he was talking about his new website!)

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Online Ad Index | 5 for 1 Updating

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You’re a successful family of newspapers new Cincinnati, Ohio… You’ve had a great website built ( That was voted best in it’s category by the Indiana Newspaper Assoc.! ) … You want to give your reader’s a full experience on & off line & you want to add value for your advertisers… The answer.. An Advertising Index to showcase all display ads from your paper this week. screen-capture-1That’s what we created for them… upload images to a folder, set up each advertiser (once) & bingo- all offline ads, are online & posted immediately on all 5 Register Family Websites!

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