Lucky Stone Jewelry | Online Store

Posted on January 7th, 2010 by Que Sera in news

As one of my first projects through my affiliation with TradeFirst, I was blessed to work with an amazing woman to help turn her ‘hobby’ into an official online store. Alison is a local an interior designer ( Granview Design – LaSalle, Michigan ), but found a skill and love of jewelry-making that has brought us Lucky Stone Jewelry as well.

Her pieces range from simple and natural to sophisticated and sleek, to just fun and cool. What makes Lucky Stone Jewelry unique is that most of her items are made from ‘beach treasures’ found near her home on the shores of Lake Erie, her favorites are ‘lucky stones’. To find out more about Lucky Stones & Alison’s amazing jewelry Click here to visit!

The store uses a custom Magento template with a few addons and tweaks ( flash, blog, product viewing etc.. ) and is completely editable by Alison whenever she has new creations to add.

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The Dearborn County Register Online

Posted on September 27th, 2007 by Que Sera in favorites


My Year’s hiatus from designing full time led me down to Lawrenceburg, Indiana to train to be a newspaper publisher ( it sounded like a cool gig at the time :) ). screen-capture-4As is obvious from other posts, even when I wasn’t officially ‘designing,’ a lot of things ended up being designed.

My time with Register Publications was no different. The media kit & website for Register Publications was among my more challenging & favorite projects. I however did have an amazing time working with their group of fun, caring & all around great people ( I miss you guys! ). I also learned the magic of ad sales, cold calling, and some intricacies of running a newspaper.

A few weeks prior to my departure screen-capture-5 (which of course led me to Sylvania, Ohio :) ) it was determined that Register Publications wanted a full new launch of all websites (saving them thousands of dollars a year as opposed to their then-current overpriced managed site that didn’t have a great look or the functionality they needed.     screen-capture-6
The challenge came in making things like a text file of classified ads (that couldn’t be altered or changed from what archaic software produced) somehow become uploaded, read & written to 5 newspaper databases with one click (totally figured it out!). Creating a fun, informative & easy layout where even un-computer savvy visitors could get their news in a user-friendly environment. Finally, the challege was to make everything as easy for The Register staff, as they all do so much work already! Getting to know everyone, what they did & how to easily integrate updating their website into their normal routines was the funnest part! I definitely miss the gang down at the Register & will always remember the good times & friends I made. I hope to stop back & see you all soon!

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