Lucky Stone Jewelry | Online Store

Posted on January 7th, 2010 by Que Sera in news

As one of my first projects through my affiliation with TradeFirst, I was blessed to work with an amazing woman to help turn her ‘hobby’ into an official online store. Alison is a local an interior designer ( Granview Design – LaSalle, Michigan ), but found a skill and love of jewelry-making that has brought us Lucky Stone Jewelry as well.

Her pieces range from simple and natural to sophisticated and sleek, to just fun and cool. What makes Lucky Stone Jewelry unique is that most of her items are made from ‘beach treasures’ found near her home on the shores of Lake Erie, her favorites are ‘lucky stones’. To find out more about Lucky Stones & Alison’s amazing jewelry Click here to visit!

The store uses a custom Magento template with a few addons and tweaks ( flash, blog, product viewing etc.. ) and is completely editable by Alison whenever she has new creations to add.

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