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Posted on September 2nd, 2009 by Que Sera in news

'Hershey's' Tin Design | Layout and development for Hershey's TinThis is a long overdue post (the job was done approx. a year ago) but to be honest, I only received the finished product image 2 days ago (which led me on an internet search for where I could find one (ebay currently has 3 — the ONLY 3 I could find anywhere on the web) to buy for my office’s ‘products I’ve made’ collection (for some reason.. seeing a finished product I’m responsible for always makes me smile : ) ) & is always a little bit cool (the rare occasion) when I invite a client ┬áto my home office for a meeting.

So, you can plainly see who’s name is on this tin & I’ll be honest and tell you the truth.. I had ABSOLUTELY no idea. I quoted the project, was in my 3rd round of proofing — design almost approved when I got an email saying, here’s the logo that needs to be put on the outside of the football tin… it HAS to be the included size… I say ok & open the file, like any other … my jaw dropped… HERSHEYS! wow — ok – I know I’m good at what I do & could very well deliver amazing work for national companies if given the opportunity, but a few weeks of working on it already in, then find out it’s… Hersheys!!! totally ‘starstruck’ in an (I’m easily amused) graphic designer sort of way. It’s official, I’ve designed a Hershey’s Tin Piggy Bank. Not bad for the portfolio…

It was a tricky job — especially with the curves of the tin being a little hard to predict on my ‘flat’ art file & my design choice to make it a stock photo of a true football (as opposed to a vector image which would have been a lot easier to manipulate), but I really thought it would look best as a ‘real’ football.

The ‘stadium’ inside was equally tricky — ‘football’ shape is unforgiving when stretched onto a tin! The interior is a mix of stock vector artwork ( a few different pieces I could find that looked consistent) and vector illustrations I did myself for a few of the ‘special touches’ (view full post for images).

I am really happy with how it turned out (now that I’ve seen it) and can’t wait to get the one I’m going to win on ebay (and a note to self to start including 1 post production sample as a requirement in my contracts)!

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Beginner Dinner Games | Game Cards & Tin

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Tin Design | Game Card Layout & Design | Beginner Dinner Games | FamilyTimeFun

Truly one of my favorite jobs & my first work with FamilyTimeFun back in mid 2007. Beginner Dinner Games was a fun and challenging product. The company had already produced and marketed their first game ‘Original Dinner Games’ and were ready to expand their line. The new game needed to ‘fit’ with the original, while still having it’s own brand. I looked at the original cards & really wanted to add some fun to the new set.

Choosing the colors, adding the background plate as a design element, integrating creative fonts and graphics to the games themselves really added to the overall effect while keeping the new game consistent with the Family Time Fun branding already in place.

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