how cool is my job???…Hersheys!

Posted on September 2nd, 2009 by Que Sera in news

'Hershey's' Tin Design | Layout and development for Hershey's TinThis is a long overdue post (the job was done approx. a year ago) but to be honest, I only received the finished product image 2 days ago (which led me on an internet search for where I could find one (ebay currently has 3 — the ONLY 3 I could find anywhere on the web) to buy for my office’s ‘products I’ve made’ collection (for some reason.. seeing a finished product I’m responsible for always makes me smile : ) ) & is always a little bit cool (the rare occasion) when I invite a client ┬áto my home office for a meeting.

So, you can plainly see who’s name is on this tin & I’ll be honest and tell you the truth.. I had ABSOLUTELY no idea. I quoted the project, was in my 3rd round of proofing — design almost approved when I got an email saying, here’s the logo that needs to be put on the outside of the football tin… it HAS to be the included size… I say ok & open the file, like any other … my jaw dropped… HERSHEYS! wow — ok – I know I’m good at what I do & could very well deliver amazing work for national companies if given the opportunity, but a few weeks of working on it already in, then find out it’s… Hersheys!!! totally ‘starstruck’ in an (I’m easily amused) graphic designer sort of way. It’s official, I’ve designed a Hershey’s Tin Piggy Bank. Not bad for the portfolio…

It was a tricky job — especially with the curves of the tin being a little hard to predict on my ‘flat’ art file & my design choice to make it a stock photo of a true football (as opposed to a vector image which would have been a lot easier to manipulate), but I really thought it would look best as a ‘real’ football.

The ‘stadium’ inside was equally tricky — ‘football’ shape is unforgiving when stretched onto a tin! The interior is a mix of stock vector artwork ( a few different pieces I could find that looked consistent) and vector illustrations I did myself for a few of the ‘special touches’ (view full post for images).

I am really happy with how it turned out (now that I’ve seen it) and can’t wait to get the one I’m going to win on ebay (and a note to self to start including 1 post production sample as a requirement in my contracts)!

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