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Posted on August 30th, 2009 by Que Sera in favorites

Sticker and Temporary Tattoo layout and design | inserted in UGOGRL Activity Collectible Trading CardsIt was recently brought to my attention that I haven’t pointed out on my site or blog quite enough about my experience (and absolute LOVE of) designing trading cards. Actually, it’s not just trading cards, it’s toys, games, playing cards, activity cards, stickers, tattoos, and the packaging & promotional materials that accompany them. Anything fun, interactive and needing consistency between related parts. sooo fun & always the most rewarding projects.

There is something about being responsible for a product — looking at it & thinking.. that was me! — very cool feeling. Also,  the organization & print-sheet setup for trading cards, game cards, stickers, tattoos, etc.. it kind of plays into my OCD :)

So, in order  to make sure it’s apparent: I am ready and willing to quote a trading card or game card (activity cards too) project from anywhere in the world at any time & would do an amazing job – using creativity and innovation to make the set as fun, interactive, clever and well.. just cool as it can possibly be ( I’m not a designer that just does exactly what she’s told.. if I have an idea I think would enhance the product, I lay it out on my own time & send it over, I am never afraid to make suggestions! (nor am I too big to just go back to the original plan if my idea isn’t in the client’s vision).

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