A Little FamilyTimeFun for Feb. Toy Fair

Posted on February 9th, 2009 by Que Sera in news


Another year, another new product launch for Toy Fair for FamilyTime Fun. As someone that’s worked with them for a few years, seeing¬†the company evolve & grow, I think this new Gather Round’ Restaurant Game is a great step.. taking them out of the dining room & into the car! A full blown just travel game could be next year’s edition to the FamilyTimeFun lineup, but we’ll all just have to ftfboothwait and see!

Lots of work goes into toy fair, especially for a guy like John P at at FamilyTimeFun. He personally chooses everything he sets up every year – it’s the official toy pick up place for toy stores, sales reps, etc.. it’s a big deal. I’ve been honored to design the backdrops FamilyTimeFun’s ftfbrochureused for the past 3 years! 10 ft x 8 ft artwork is always fun, especially when the products it’s for are so wholesome, good & fun for the whole family. Trying to find artwork that will catch attention without putting anything super important too low to be seen is always a fun challenge, as is keeping consistency between new & current communications materials.

Preparation for any trade show isn’t complete without collateral & sales materials. This year, to launch FTF’s new game, we helped them create a full color sell sheet for the new Gather ‘Round Restaurant game. With 3 sets of games included ( to play while you wait, to play while you eat & to play in the car) it’s a great new addition to FamilyTimeFun’s ‘full serving of family dinnertime fun!’

Direct Mail Postcard

FTF also needed a new company brochure featuring their full product line with information about their brand, awards (quite a few!), testimonials, etc.. and we were, as always, glad to help build their brand!

The only thing left was a direct mail postcard introducing the new game & telling retailers to look for FamilyTimeFun at Toy Fair, another fun project we were glad to lend a hand with…


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