Communications | New Rep Introduction

Posted on June 15th, 2009 by Que Sera in news

sales letter | sales rep introduction | email correspondence | Dracme, inc. | Quebec, CanadaEvery opportunity you get to say something to your customers is an opportunity to make a sale. Why not take advantage of that. If they’re going to read a letter about your new sales rep.. why not include beautiful images of your top selling products? Use every possible opportunity (without overdoing it) to give your clients more information about you and who you are & what you have to offer them.

That was the theory for this ‘welcome our new rep’ introduction letter for a Midwest US Sales Rep for Dracme, Inc., a manufacturer of extremely beautiful, well built custom mantel surrounds. It introduces the rep, tells his experience & qualifications then features their products, giving them an idea how good their showroom would look if it included a Dracme surround.

My disclaimer for this project is that the rep is my significant other & I did this piece as a favor  :) — I do like how it turned out & think was an eyecatching and effective communication (sent via mail or email) that promoted not only their team, but their product line. As far as results.. there were replies to the email, with orders placed or requesting calls & more info  – so it worked.

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