Another ‘you do that?’

Posted on August 29th, 2009 by Que Sera in news

Ok, many people may not know it (& may not need it!), but I’ve done quite a few mock ups of soon to be products ( products that I or someone else has designed, that are going to production.

The thing is, you know how you want something to look, but you don’t know how the art is going to lay & really want to see it in 3-d prior to official ok for production  (or need a photo of the product for a catalog and can’t wait for production to finish).

My experience in this has mainly been for tins & promotional products (games, lunchboxes, backpaks, watches, etc..). Also, I want to note that I did not design the artwork for this tin, I only did the 3-d mock up the company needed for use in a catalog for my long time clients handling the production of the tins.

It’s tricky sometimes to make a preproduction photo of a not-yet produced product, but in most cases I’ve been able to pull it off.

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