New Arena Invite | Go Walleyes!

Posted on October 9th, 2009 by Que Sera in news

Lathrop Constructions Opening Day Party Invitation for the new Arena | Invitation Design | Announcement Design

Every once in awhile you get lucky & every once in awhile a friend from EPIC has a client that needs a hand and does you a huge favor by telling them you are perfect for the job (because you are!)  & you get one of the coolest right here in Toledo jobs you’ve gotten so far (thank you, Joe)!

The project consisted of designing the Walleye’s Opening Day party invitations & RSVP cards  for Lathrop . Without knowing too much about hockey, it was fun to make sure I didn’t make a wrong reference & it was even more fun cutting ‘Spike’ out of a photo from his Wendy’s appearance to make him look like he was instead posing just for the invitee with tickets to the game :)

(oh by the way.. I’ve very sorry to the little boy that got erased from the photo via my photoshop skills.. if it was up to me.. I would have kept you in!)

Click ‘more’ to see a larger image of the invite & rsvp

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