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the alter-ego

Posted on August 29th, 2009 by Que Sera in misc, news

Advertising, marketing & design is my passion, I love (love) what I do.. I’m very grateful to have ended up where I am. It was definitely a long journey… That said, not all of my ‘up all nights’ are for working on projects for other people.. so…. this one’s personal!

It’s time to admit the truth.. I have an alter-ego (insert the …dut dut dum) — kristina mari (my 1st & middle name) — I’ve chosen to use it as my author/artist name (marriage, divorce & changing last names being the true reason ). I’ve been writing & drawing for years & have decided it’s time to start throwing some stuff out there for people to think about and see what happens.

So, in my free time… yes, I do have some… sometimes —  I’ve been putting together a website.. kristinamari.com.

Offerings are currently limited (only about 22 designs available to actually buy), with numerous other things thrown on & browsable  that I’m slowly going through & converting to products. Visitors can order prints, posters, wall decals, on-canvas prints & even usage rights for  a number of my drawings, digitally altered artwork & observations/statements laid out graphically as to be a decor piece.

I add new designs as I have time to prepare  them & am open to special requests– So if art/philosophy is something you like, ( especially if your decorating!!!  ) check it out & let me know what you think…

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