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Due to popular demand (as well as super busy-ness — thank you everyone!) I’ve decided to share my secrets.. well a couple of them, anyways!

As opposed to me sending your jobs to print & having to up-charge for my research & development of this list & time etc… here is a direct link to a few of the online printing companies ( & other online resources) I have used for past projects.

read more for names, my experiences with them & links…


Print Runner |

prints many different things – just about anything — They have printed brochures & a large trade show banner for me (that I can think of off the top of my head :) ) –
both turned out well – (not gorgeous, but definitely good… but what do you expect from cheap online printers :) ) & their customer service was very good – they actually told me something that wasn’t true, so refunded my rush shipping charges & overnighted the banner to me for free. so.. Thank you Print Runner! You can visit their site & browse the many services/products they offer below…

Quality Printing for Less

Overnight Prints|

I’ve used Overnight Print quite a bit for business cards particularly. I have used them (or had clients use them) for brochures that once turned out perfectly & the 2nd time turned out with the colors not quite right… I’ve had postcards printed with them that turned out great & others that were off just a bit on the trimming —

High Quality Business Cards at Low Prices!

I recommend them for buisness cards 100% – all business cards I’ve sent them have come back great!

High Quality Business Cards

Print Place |

ok, I have not used them (yet) but received their package of samples last week — Very cool – great (GREAT) work in pocket folders & catalogs, cd/dvd mailers.. They’re definitely work checking out!

Full Color Booklet & Catalog Printing

Print Pelican|

Cheap Post Card Printing

This one, I am possibly going to use for an upcoming project- they’re for the ‘super low budget’ customer – They offer an upfront discount plus free business cards etc.. as incentives to use their service.. I received their packet of samples & the work was.. well ok – The truth stands.. if you want super quality & great service… choose a great local printer ( I know a few & would recommend them upon request) , they really do provide the best service and printing & are worth the extra money if you have it.

UPDATE: (12/09) if time is an issue & customer service is important.. not really recommended.

They took almost a month to print a job that was estimated to be delivered in 2 weeks. Also forgot a portion of the order… then when they did print/deliver the missing portion.. trimmed them badly, leaving their trim marks (placed by them.. not on my artwork) visible on 2 of the 4 sides of the finished product. Am still awaiting their resolution of this, but definitely not a first choice for me for future jobs. Proceed w/ them at your own risk…


Web Hosting|

This is unquestionably the best hosting I’ve found to date – unlimited everything & a very affordable price. I’ve had no downtimes due to server errors that I’m aware of & can say that the tech support is fairly helpful – always has helped me figure out whatever weird issue I was having :) — I have numerous domains/clients domains set up with bluehost – but if you want to skip the middleman .. here’s the link!

Web Hosting

Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account Web Hosting $6.95

Domain Registration|

GoDaddy is my first choice for domains — I have many domains registered with them & use for all my client’s domains also – cheap – easy, etc.. Hosting & Servers 468x60

Like everyone, I’ve also worked with network solutions. They’re a professional choice & very reputable for a full collection of web related solutions.

Here’s another one I just found, it offers unlimited access to vector images, templates (for word documents, powerpoints, websites & more..) due to the nature of what I do – I think signing up personally, for me is a good idea, especially for my clients wanting to save money by not having me design a fully custom piece.. — if it is for you too, enjoy! They have some cool stuff!

DreamTemplate - Web Templates


Unlimited Website Traffic/No Click Fees

We’ve recently partnered with iNeed Hits officially to help give our clients a reputable and affordable option when it comes to optimizing and submitting their sites to search engines ( we’ve used them for years & can provide better attention and service for much less then our hourly rates!)– Chek them out if it’s something you’re looking to invest in to raise your internet traffic!!

Hope this list helps you!

As a disclaimer, yes these are all affiliate links, but it doesn’t cost you any extra & you get to thank me for sharing resources by buying something you’re already going to get! I have used all the above companies one or more times & do recommend each for the type of product/service provided.

Any questions.. just ask!

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