I’ve Been Pinned!!! :)

Posted on January 13th, 2015 by Que Sera in news

It started a year or so ago.. I get an email that said something like..”I saw a senior ad you designed on Pinterest & was wondering how much you charge..”   I thought..  ‘ WHAT? .. I just have homemade cleaners, healthy food my kids don’t eat & really funny stuff on my Pinterest… weird…? “, but responded & went about my business.

After a few re-occurances of this interesting act,  I decided maybe I should investigate. What do you know.. I’ve been Pinned!  Tons of times, for my very cool-looking senior ad designs — yeah!!  I’m sure the amazing photography of my Dallas friend, aStudioProductions, that was featured in those ads didn’t hurt in making them stand out!

I was ( and still am.. ) VERY excited & amused by the whole thing & love it when it says my work’s been ‘pinned’ ( I’m a bit of a nerd :) ). If anyone reads this & wants to take me up on some sort of discount for pinning my work .. I could maybe come up with an official reward – so ask!

I’ve done a few ads this year, just because of this amusing re-pinning going on & am now intending to add samples of my other work projects to see if I can make some more pinterest magic, lol !

In theory of this very cool use of something i mostly thought was for categorizing my funny photos – Here are a few more senior ad designs to include in my portfolio… If you like them, feel free to Pin Me … :)

Senior Ad Design     Senior Ad Design     Senior Ad Design


Thanks to all the clients for finding me on pinterest & thanks to all the ‘pinners’ for adding my work to your boards – Keep Pinning!!


[ Businesses… Use these types of mediums where you can and where relevant to add to your client base! ]

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  1. Here’s another one of those messages — I am in desperate need of HELP designing my daughter’s senior yearbook ad. At first I thought this would be a simple task, 2 months later and a deadline approaching in less than a week and I am completely OVERWHELMED!! I have picture, but would love a quote to develop a template or design. Please contact me a 315-681-3174, Artema Wright if you can assist. And you’ve been pinned again :)

  2. I’m interested in getting my son’s yearbook ad done. What do you charge?

  3. Hi Christina – thank you for your message on my blog!
    I would be happy to help with the ad for your son & would have no problem delivering them prior to deadline(s) as long as I receive all photos, text, etc. at least 2 weeks prior to print deadline for each piece.

    As far as costs — I normally charge $200 for the full page ad in the yearbook.

    If that price works for you, what I normally do is ask for 1/2 down for each ad prior to beginning work on it & then the final payment due when final art is approved ( prior to my releasing print files for the publisher).

    Once the initial payment is made, I create a Dropbox (online storage) folder & send you a link so you can also view/ share the folder & upload all your photography, kid photos, text etc.. there for me to pull from when I make the ads.

    If you have any questions or need any further info, just let me know

    Thanks so much & Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  4. Thanks, Artema – I’m glad we worked it out & hopefully A’metra will love her ad :) — let me know when it’s ok for me to add it to my blog – I don’t want to ruin her surprise!

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