Where has the time gone…??

Posted on January 13th, 2015 by Que Sera in news

Ok – well , with zero posts in years..  it does seem I’ve stopped working ( which 3 children under the age of 4 can do to anyone.. see photo attached.. what a bunch of trouble-makers, gotta love em! )

The Carpenter Family!


BUT — alas, Thank Goodness,  it’s not entirely true & there may be posts of new work in my future!

Around this time last year I was thinking about how much I missed designing things & about  how I had super amounts of free time to spend on just anything, lol!  Then magically, I was contacted by an old client that had a new company to work with & a LOT of new adventure ( you’ll see in time! :) ). He proposed some projects I thought looked  too fun to pass up, so I’ve consistently been doing projects for him all year ( even the month little Madeline was born,  we still fit in a long grocery list of projects.. she’s such a sweet and accommodating baby, NOT  at all like her sister, thank goodness – there’s only room for one EVELYN  — she’s awesome!).

I thought of posting the new projects online, but with them all being for the same Company/client.. I thought it may be too much. If time allows, though – there’s a good chance some of my favorites will make the blog in time…




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