Gotta Love (Literally :))

Posted on May 30th, 2012 by Que Sera in news| Web Design Toledo, OhioThe whirlwind of change and excitement is finally settling down.. or maybe I’m just finally getting used to it :)  — either way,  it’s well past time to update the blog! For many, I know it seems I’ve disappeared.. but not really, just went through many life changes (all definitely for the better! ) & things have moved at lightning speed as they often do when life is good :) .

It all began with the initial meeting for this website ( … little did I know then that 2 yrs. later I’d be sitting here, in our new home, married to the owner of the business it represents praying our new little 1 yr. old would nap a little longer so I could finish this post!

Life leads in crazy directions, but I couldn’t be happier with where the path’s led me to & who I’ve been given the honor of sharing my life with from here on — I am however, really bummed that it took so long to find him & that things had to be so hard for us both in the meantime! 

(yep, that’s my husband in the video on the home page… woo hoo!! ) 

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