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Ok.. I’ll be honest, I’m busy :) .. BUT just had an idea that I’d like to make more information and resources available to my clients/ visitors. This page is the beginning of that.. I hope to, with time, add more giving you information and links to find the products, vendors, and other resources I have found useful.

It may be a little while.. BUT  in the meantime, if you have any questions  or would like recommendations for anything you’ve got in progress…  Feel Free to ASK!!

| stock images & clipart |

My usual stock photo site ( that i love!) especially for just one or two images is They offer a great selection of many really good photos, vector images, videos and sounds. I have used them MANY times & have never had a problem with them in any way.

That said, recently, i’ve also found another favorite.  My need for photos on a more regular basis has grown and buying credits a few at a time was getting expensive!  Via a client, I have been using a new site, I’ve started using shutterstock quite a bit. ( see image to the left :) ) If you’re needing a LOT of photos ( like 10 + PRINT qualtiy at a larger size ) you should check out this site. You can search their site directly from the box below.  Getting a 1 month subscription ( tho sort of expensive sounding ) gives you access to an amazingly large selection of images & allows you to download up to 750 ( 25 per day ) in a month – so per-image is your best value.

Shutterstock Stock Photo Keyword Search:
Search Terms:

Another group of related companies I’ve used in the past ( but not recently ) are these below. They are all related ( owned by the same parent company I’m guessing) , but have separate sites for animations, web clip art, photos, and professional stock photos. - Quality Stock - 11,339 fonts! Royalty-Free Photos by Subscription


| fonts | ( free fonts ) | is actually a really cool site ,I use it a lot when I’m working on a logo design. once you select a genre of font, you can type in your text and see how it looks in lots of different fonts.  Their fonts for download are totally and completely free with only some that are demo / copyrighted version you may have to buy versions of.  If you’re a ‘font geek’ like me , a great resource.. kinda like heaven :) !!

Commercial Fonts | sometimes you just have to buy a font, there are quite a few options & to be honest, I don’t do it very often so don’t have a preferred vendor. I’ve purchased once or twice & browsed often the online font sites below. If you like the art of fonts etc. sends a great newsletter ( you can subscribe on their site that features font artists, ‘favorite’ fonts and history about where some our commonly used fonts came got their start, pretty interesting … when time allows :) .

Find your fonts at

PUB2ID v2 MAC (Publisher to InDesign CS3/4) for Mac

| microsoft publisher files…. noooooo!  |

Ok.. well if you’re a mac user & your client sends you a .pub file… u just gotta say .. UGH … There is commercial software available that can ‘save the day’ .. if you want to spend about $200.  ( see link on this page ) PUB2ID is an InDesign Plugin that will convert your publisher file into an InDesign file.   However .. if you’re just a regular person that gets like one or 2 files once every .. never.. well breath easy! There are options :) .  You can upload the .pub file ( for free ) to this website.. they will convert and email you a PDF shortly after  | |. Not immediate gratification…. but within a reasonable amount of time for the price.. which is free & not $200 :) ! There is also another online conversion service | | (not the prettiest web design) but effective that can provide a number of different to/from PDF conversions. They delivered faster than the above-mentioned website when both were submitted at the same time, so are worth checking out.

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