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Save Money | Recommended online Vendors!

Posted on October 30th, 2009 by Que Sera in favorites

Due to popular demand (as well as super busy-ness — thank you everyone!) I’ve decided to share my secrets.. well a couple of them, anyways!

As opposed to me sending your jobs to print & having to up-charge for my research & development of this list & time etc… here is a direct link to a few of the online printing companies ( & other online resources) I have used for past projects.

read more for names, my experiences with them & links…

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trading cards | game cards | stickers | temporary tattoos…

Posted on August 30th, 2009 by Que Sera in favorites

Sticker and Temporary Tattoo layout and design | inserted in UGOGRL Activity Collectible Trading CardsIt was recently brought to my attention that I haven’t pointed out on my site or blog quite enough about my experience (and absolute LOVE of) designing trading cards. Actually, it’s not just trading cards, it’s toys, games, playing cards, activity cards, stickers, tattoos, and the packaging & promotional materials that accompany them. Anything fun, interactive and needing consistency between related parts. sooo fun & always the most rewarding projects.

There is something about being responsible for a product — looking at it & thinking.. that was me! — very cool feeling. Also,  the organization & print-sheet setup for trading cards, game cards, stickers, tattoos, etc.. it kind of plays into my OCD :)

So, in order  to make sure it’s apparent: I am ready and willing to quote a trading card or game card (activity cards too) project from anywhere in the world at any time & would do an amazing job – using creativity and innovation to make the set as fun, interactive, clever and well.. just cool as it can possibly be ( I’m not a designer that just does exactly what she’s told.. if I have an idea I think would enhance the product, I lay it out on my own time & send it over, I am never afraid to make suggestions! (nor am I too big to just go back to the original plan if my idea isn’t in the client’s vision).

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Beginner Dinner Games | Game Cards & Tin

Posted on August 22nd, 2009 by Que Sera in favorites

Tin Design | Game Card Layout & Design | Beginner Dinner Games | FamilyTimeFun

Truly one of my favorite jobs & my first work with FamilyTimeFun back in mid 2007. Beginner Dinner Games was a fun and challenging product. The company had already produced and marketed their first game ‘Original Dinner Games’ and were ready to expand their line. The new game needed to ‘fit’ with the original, while still having it’s own brand. I looked at the original cards & really wanted to add some fun to the new set.

Choosing the colors, adding the background plate as a design element, integrating creative fonts and graphics to the games themselves really added to the overall effect while keeping the new game consistent with the Family Time Fun branding already in place.

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Direct Mail for My Press Reports

Posted on June 18th, 2009 by Que Sera in favorites

Direct Mail | Postcard Mailer | My Press Reports | Mt. Gilead, Ohio

MyPressReports.com is an innovative SAAS (Software as a Service) company that is changing the way newspapers do business. They provide data in real time, allowing newspaper publishers the opportunity to catch and correct potential problems before the impact the bottom line.

This project was a follow-up mailer to be sent as a reminder of what MyPressReports is all about.

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UGOGRL | a little bit of just about everything

Posted on May 30th, 2009 by Que Sera in favorites

Layout and Design of Trading Card Box | Foil Pack | Stickers | Tattoos | Logo | UGOGRL

It was around 2005-06 when I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to become involved with hands down, the most full ranging (fun and challenging) campaigns I’ve been a part of to date.

As part of the UGOGRL project I was allowed to let my creativity ooze (innovation was rewarded at every step :)- so great to work with people wanting as many ideas and suggestions as possible throughout the process!

With the ‘girls’ of UGOGRL, I designed, developed, laid out for print & manufacture:

  • The layout and design of the trading card foil wrap for the new, wholesome ‘real girl’ activity collectible trading card set ( My first foil wrap!)
  • The POP Box (point of purchase box) –including girl-shaped head die cut – my first box – especially a box to hold product & sit on store shelves!
  • The 25 Stickers (the artwork for front & backs plus printsheets with die cuts) to be inserted in the packs (fronts & back)
  • The Temporary Tattoos (with a twist!) to also be inserted in the packs (fronts & backs) – with print sheets
  • The shipping case for the product to ship from the manufacturer (added branding to large standard cardboard box)
  • The cellophane wrap for each pop box (with corporate logo)
  • The Sales Sheet for the set (ad front, full set checklist back) – product info sheet (sales materials for reps/retailers)
  • The blister-pack for single-pack sales
  • The air freshener packaging for the co-branded gofresh! air fresheners (and prepress work for the fresheners themselves)
  • The flower-shaped tin co-branded with the ‘go primp’ category -designed- laid out artwork & prepared prepress files for proper printing on tin (lid too) -oh & product sticker placed on bottom of tin
  • The CD artwork for the CD included in the tin
  • The collectible coin imprint for the coin included in the tin
  • The Product Logo (UGOGRL- activity collectible trading cards)
  • The category logos ( go primp, go mingle, go collect, go create, go basic & go figure ) not including the shapes themselves – they were part of the original concepts from the producers of the product
  • The magazine advertising (Full page in Non-Sport Update & two 1/2 page ads  in Playthings)
  • 2 – 6″ x 9″ direct mail pieces promoting the product/brand
  • The Corporate (LocaSmarts) Identity (logo, business cards, letterhead & envelopes)
  • The Corporate e-commerce website (locasmarts.com) – no longer active
  • The UGOGRL.com website (active, but no longer my site design) – an almost fully flash main content with html site – using php to tie it all together. Note: You can view the intro & video, however since the site’s no longer active, the links won’t work.
  • The flash games included on the website – fitting category & branded with UGOGRL trademarks
  • Many pdf printables available on UGOGRL.com (UGOGRL journal, checklists, activities… )
  • Numerous flash activities and applications (grl-radio, voting for favorite future series names, writing a note in secret code, product explanations, VIP Areas, etc..) included on UGOGRL.com
  • Flash intro and video on original UGOGRL site
  • A full trade show booth (for Pomona Toy Fair in 2006) where, since I was living in California- It made sense I’d help promote the product (life-size grls — too fun!)
  • An html email ad promoting the product as a great ‘stocking stuffer’
  • A collector’s binder & other concepts for co-branding such as jewelry, watches, bags & more..
  • A window decal and other point of purchase support materials

Probably more that has slipped my mind, but I’m sure – you get the point :) — other than the 150 cards (that 1 person could never have completed in the timeframe needed) — I was very much into most things UGOGRL… view full post for a gallery view of many of my  UGOGRL contributions…

It was a great project. Period.

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More Results, Less Resources Mailer

Posted on November 30th, 2008 by Que Sera in favorites


Here is concept for a second mypressreports mailer. It was intended originally as a followup for a seminar for publishers on more results from less resources ( the mantra for all industries lately, not only the print media industry). For one reason or another it was never actually produced, but I do like the concept  & wanted to include.

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A Little Flash for The Center Fore Golf Performance

Posted on October 29th, 2008 by Que Sera in favorites

Flash Introduction for Website | The Center Fore Golf Performance | Sylvania, Ohio
One of our first projects after rebranding to be Que Sera was a flash introduction for Sylvania’s Center Fore Golf Performance. Finding a video that was exactly what they were looking for was tricky, so we made one of our own from various stock photography, stock audio & a little imagination!

Be prepared, there’s sound once the video starts :)

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Chamber of Commerce

Posted on March 27th, 2008 by Que Sera in favorites


Everyone knows in general what a Chamber is, but not everyone knows the immense amount of benefits that can be gained by joining. There are programs, discounts, events and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else & that’s what this ad was all about… Getting ‘Connections’ with The Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Original ‘Shop Sylvania’

Posted on January 27th, 2008 by Que Sera in favorites


Sylvania is a unique place. There are so many fun shops, boutiques, cute decor, sophisticated shopping, relaxing salons, dining, music, jewelry & more. Most ads I’d seen didn’t really reflect the ‘image’ of Sylvania I saw as someone that just moved to the area. That’s why in the ‘first’ shopSylvania ad created by ksera (before ksera was official) I tried to promote the image of Sylvania.. the 2009 version does add more fun, but this was a ‘sophisticated’ start!

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The Dearborn County Register Online

Posted on September 27th, 2007 by Que Sera in favorites


My Year’s hiatus from designing full time led me down to Lawrenceburg, Indiana to train to be a newspaper publisher ( it sounded like a cool gig at the time :) ). screen-capture-4As is obvious from other posts, even when I wasn’t officially ‘designing,’ a lot of things ended up being designed.

My time with Register Publications was no different. The media kit & website for Register Publications was among my more challenging & favorite projects. I however did have an amazing time working with their group of fun, caring & all around great people ( I miss you guys! ). I also learned the magic of ad sales, cold calling, and some intricacies of running a newspaper.

A few weeks prior to my departure screen-capture-5 (which of course led me to Sylvania, Ohio :) ) it was determined that Register Publications wanted a full new launch of all websites (saving them thousands of dollars a year as opposed to their then-current overpriced managed site that didn’t have a great look or the functionality they needed.     screen-capture-6
The challenge came in making things like a text file of classified ads (that couldn’t be altered or changed from what archaic software produced) somehow become uploaded, read & written to 5 newspaper databases with one click (totally figured it out!). Creating a fun, informative & easy layout where even un-computer savvy visitors could get their news in a user-friendly environment. Finally, the challege was to make everything as easy for The Register staff, as they all do so much work already! Getting to know everyone, what they did & how to easily integrate updating their website into their normal routines was the funnest part! I definitely miss the gang down at the Register & will always remember the good times & friends I made. I hope to stop back & see you all soon!

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