news I’ve Been Pinned!!! :)

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It started a year or so ago.. I get an email that said something like..”I saw a senior ad you designed on Pinterest & was wondering how much you charge..”   I thought..  ‘ WHAT? .. I just have homemade cleaners, healthy food my kids don’t eat & really funny stuff on my Pinterest… weird…? “, but responded & went about my business.

After a few re-occurances of this interesting act,  I decided maybe I should investigate. What do you know.. I’ve been Pinned!  Tons of times, for my very cool-looking senior ad designs — yeah!!  I’m sure the amazing photography of my Dallas friend, aStudioProductions, that was featured in those ads didn’t hurt in making them stand out!

I was ( and still am.. ) VERY excited & amused by the whole thing & love it when it says my work’s been ‘pinned’ ( I’m a bit of a nerd :) ). If anyone reads this & wants to take me up on some sort of discount for pinning my work .. I could maybe come up with an official reward – so ask!

I’ve done a few ads this year, just because of this amusing re-pinning going on & am now intending to add samples of my other work projects to see if I can make some more pinterest magic, lol !

In theory of this very cool use of something i mostly thought was for categorizing my funny photos – Here are a few more senior ad designs to include in my portfolio… If you like them, feel free to Pin Me … :)

Senior Ad Design     Senior Ad Design     Senior Ad Design


Thanks to all the clients for finding me on pinterest & thanks to all the ‘pinners’ for adding my work to your boards – Keep Pinning!!


[ Businesses… Use these types of mediums where you can and where relevant to add to your client base! ]

news Where has the time gone…??

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Ok – well , with zero posts in years..  it does seem I’ve stopped working ( which 3 children under the age of 4 can do to anyone.. see photo attached.. what a bunch of trouble-makers, gotta love em! )

The Carpenter Family!


BUT — alas, Thank Goodness,  it’s not entirely true & there may be posts of new work in my future!

Around this time last year I was thinking about how much I missed designing things & about  how I had super amounts of free time to spend on just anything, lol!  Then magically, I was contacted by an old client that had a new company to work with & a LOT of new adventure ( you’ll see in time! :) ). He proposed some projects I thought looked  too fun to pass up, so I’ve consistently been doing projects for him all year ( even the month little Madeline was born,  we still fit in a long grocery list of projects.. she’s such a sweet and accommodating baby, NOT  at all like her sister, thank goodness – there’s only room for one EVELYN  — she’s awesome!).

I thought of posting the new projects online, but with them all being for the same Company/client.. I thought it may be too much. If time allows, though – there’s a good chance some of my favorites will make the blog in time…




news Gotta Love (Literally :))

Posted on May 30th, 2012 by Que Sera in news| Web Design Toledo, OhioThe whirlwind of change and excitement is finally settling down.. or maybe I’m just finally getting used to it :)  — either way,  it’s well past time to update the blog! For many, I know it seems I’ve disappeared.. but not really, just went through many life changes (all definitely for the better! ) & things have moved at lightning speed as they often do when life is good :) .

It all began with the initial meeting for this website ( … little did I know then that 2 yrs. later I’d be sitting here, in our new home, married to the owner of the business it represents praying our new little 1 yr. old would nap a little longer so I could finish this post!

Life leads in crazy directions, but I couldn’t be happier with where the path’s led me to & who I’ve been given the honor of sharing my life with from here on — I am however, really bummed that it took so long to find him & that things had to be so hard for us both in the meantime! 

(yep, that’s my husband in the video on the home page… woo hoo!! ) 

misc Thoughts on Search Engine Optimization [ SEO ]

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Unlimited Website Traffic/No Click Fees

 Designing websites for going on 13 years has taught me a lot about a lot of different things. In many cases, I’d say ‘sure I can do that for you!’ when I had no idea how.. then I’d devote my life to mastering whatever it was & figure it out. That’s how we learn & that’s how I built my business & gained all the (vast amounts of :) ) information I have on different website aspects.  Search Engine Optimization is one of those things…

I didn’t know a lot about it, but I knew one of my very long time clients was interested in optimizing his website & that was enough to get me going! I did hours of research & of course did every free search engine submission I could find. I had a list of tried and true sources that would get me the most bang for my buck. I even purchased an expensive ( for me at the time, but pretty reasonable really :) ) software to help me find and populate my client’s site with ‘untapped’ keywords .. I’d search thousands of words/phrases relevant to my client’s sites/pages to find the one that were used least often by their competitors then populate the crap out of all their pages with those words ( as well as the other more used ones too, just in case :) ) . I thought this was pretty cool & there were reports & numbers to justify everything, it turned out well – his site went from launched to a good number of hits & viewing reports showed the phrases I was using were working.

I continued teaching myself more and getting more and more into it. Weird thing about search engine optimization.. the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. Maybe it is that you just realize the number of different methods and theories about what will work best, with no definitive conclusion as to what’s the perfect mix to get you where you’d like to be. Then, there are the crazy amount of money some companies were charging in the early 2000’s to the people ‘dedicated’ enough to pay for it to ensure they were ‘at the top!’ … Honestly… I unfortunately found the whole thing to be a huge daunting mess. I did not think I could form ‘expert’ opinions (to pass on to my clients) on SEO without being able to afford to buy/try and test the options & there were so many, it was a task sort of impossible to accomplish without it being the only thing I did. Truth was, all my research taught me was that there are a LOT of different ways to go & to be honest, I have NO IDEA what is the perfect one… Not unless I want to become a company that does only that.. 

So here we are .. many years later & long story short, I did have some very good results with the sites I optimized many years ago. When building websites now, I try to incorporate the SEO basics ( submissions, alt tags, coding, keyword usage etc..)   so my customers will be found easily & show well in the search engines, but ultimately … strictly optimizing sites isn’t my cup of tea.. I like the theory, the possibility of  going down a checklist and  tadahhh!!! we’re at the top!  Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works and there are so many algorithms, rules, tricks etc. and they’re changing so often – I don’t even want to try to keep up with it enough to justify charging someone to do it specifically as if I am an expert guaranteeing it will happen or that I’d even know why if it didn’t .. ( I probably wouldn’t :)

As my business has grown ( and my ‘starving artist’ mentality/lifestyle waned :) ) I learned to spend time on the parts I really like & outsource those I don’t particularly care for, or that are more time-consuming than my one year old son will allow me time for. SEO is definitely one of those things. Truth is, one of the first companies that I used for the free search engine submission is one of my favorites to recommend. The company is called I Need Hits – I’ve been familiar with them since around 2002, so they’re established. I’ve always liked them because they’re affordable – they offer the results (guaranteed) I was looking for with a very reasonable cost. They offer different types of packages ( for general optimization or just a Yahoo Boost or Google Boost ( they may not have these anymore.. I haven’t checked… I’ve been changing too many diapers lately!!) & pinpointing regions, paid spots, etc.. If you’re interested in optimizing your site – I’d say you should check them out & if you do, please come back here & comment to let me know if recommending them is something I should keep doing!  If you come across other SEO companies you think are great ( or horrible! ) please let me know!

 I need to add a note.. If you speak with my husband, he will tell you that I’m a genius ( he really loves me & I’m always hearing about how wonderful I am from everyone he talks to .. I’m so lucky! :) ) —  I mention this, because he says I optimized his site ( and now they’re on the top of the search engines … I did design his site & they are very high in search results, It’s true.  I can’t take the credit, though, I only did the basic optimization and submission ( I mentioned above)… to be honest , a lot of their great rankings have to do with their name ( .. soooo simple! ) & list of services on every page .. It wasn’t really me :)… Plus,  I did SEO for him because he’s my husband, it was a special consideration project…  there were extenuating circumstances! 

I Need Hits

misc wow..

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I just realized how longs it’s been since I’ve added any projects – waaaaaaay too long! I’m in the midst of a website being difficult in going live ( for no reason I’ve figured out thus far) so during my waiting for things to upload/download time – I thought I’d post an update & advise anyone that isn’t aware – much of our most recent work is on our facebook page ( it’s simpler to update than the blog when things are busy ) . Click Here for our Facebook Page! Ultimately, the blog here will be updated, probably not for a few more weeks, but I do see a bit of a break for updating on the horizon!

In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for samples/information & Have a Great Day!


news A Little .. Letterhead for The Entertainment Network

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The Entertainment Network | DJ & Corporate Team Building Entertainment Services | Toledo, Ohio

I met Paul ( the owner | DJ| Emcee for The Entertainment Network ) at an EPIC ‘Lunch n Leads’ Luncheon
( highly recommended! ) .. just for the record.. he’s really entertaining :) . The Lunch n Leads that he hosted was by far the most fun one to attend so far!

Sooooo.. was more than happy to talk w/ Paul about working on some new materials for  the company & this simple letterhead was our first project.

Thanks, Paul, for letting us design a letterhead for you that fits the professional yet fun image and services of The Entertainment Network… and whenever u have a chance.. please confirm that the word .doc version looks prints like you’d like it to!!

If you’re planning a wedding, a party, a corporate event, a casino party …  be sure to Visit their Site & see how much they can add to any event (they also have a list of other party-related vendors they have worked with and recommend!).


misc Recommended Design Resources | images… fonts … publisher converters.. etc…

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Ok.. I’ll be honest, I’m busy :) .. BUT just had an idea that I’d like to make more information and resources available to my clients/ visitors. This page is the beginning of that.. I hope to, with time, add more giving you information and links to find the products, vendors, and other resources I have found useful.

It may be a little while.. BUT  in the meantime, if you have any questions  or would like recommendations for anything you’ve got in progress…  Feel Free to ASK!!

| stock images & clipart |

My usual stock photo site ( that i love!) especially for just one or two images is They offer a great selection of many really good photos, vector images, videos and sounds. I have used them MANY times & have never had a problem with them in any way.

That said, recently, i’ve also found another favorite.  My need for photos on a more regular basis has grown and buying credits a few at a time was getting expensive!  Via a client, I have been using a new site, I’ve started using shutterstock quite a bit. ( see image to the left :) ) If you’re needing a LOT of photos ( like 10 + PRINT qualtiy at a larger size ) you should check out this site. You can search their site directly from the box below.  Getting a 1 month subscription ( tho sort of expensive sounding ) gives you access to an amazingly large selection of images & allows you to download up to 750 ( 25 per day ) in a month – so per-image is your best value.

Shutterstock Stock Photo Keyword Search:
Search Terms:


news Lucky Stone Jewelry | Online Store

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As one of my first projects through my affiliation with TradeFirst, I was blessed to work with an amazing woman to help turn her ‘hobby’ into an official online store. Alison is a local an interior designer ( Granview Design – LaSalle, Michigan ), but found a skill and love of jewelry-making that has brought us Lucky Stone Jewelry as well.

Her pieces range from simple and natural to sophisticated and sleek, to just fun and cool. What makes Lucky Stone Jewelry unique is that most of her items are made from ‘beach treasures’ found near her home on the shores of Lake Erie, her favorites are ‘lucky stones’. To find out more about Lucky Stones & Alison’s amazing jewelry Click here to visit!

The store uses a custom Magento template with a few addons and tweaks ( flash, blog, product viewing etc.. ) and is completely editable by Alison whenever she has new creations to add.


news moore kelly moore | designer handbag web store

Posted on January 1st, 2010 by Que Sera in news

With over 4,000 visitors on it’s first day live.. the Kelly Moore Bag store is officially open!

The latest project done for my Dallas partner Astudio Productions, Kelly Moore’s new handbag site was a challenging, but super fun project I’m proud to have been a part of..

A great looking handbag designed  with the  form, style and function a photographer (or just about anyone!) needs.

The store was created by customizing a Magento Template. It offers features like international shipping, customer account tracking and support, discount codes, and more.

If you’re looking for an amazing handbag that will be able to keep up with anything you need, check out The Kelly Moore Bag Store


news A whole lot of Family Time Fun for 2010

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With a new Pizza Night Family Game Launching for the 2010 Toy Fair in Feburary, FamilyTimeFun has been busy preparing!

The full set of materials can be viewed when you read more, but here’s a quick list of what November & December had lined up for FTF :)–

– Pre-Holiday & Holiday Mailers for clients &  prospect & celebration of being called a HallMark Gold Card Game!

– Advertisements ( 3 ) promoting the new Pizza Night game for ASTRA, EdPlay & the Atlanta show Directory

– Sales Info Sheets for New Pizza Night Game, Travel Game & Dinner Games & Full Product Line Brochure

– Trade Show Mailers/Flyers (2)